Black athletes dating white sex dating in darmstadt indiana

One of my homegirls is always saying why do black athletes go out with white girls?

(she gets pissed) I tell her that you never see blacks girls at the games or anything (hate or love it) ..

It is just that the ones who date white women get their pic plastered on TV way more.

I remember when Kobe was dating the media kept putting their picture up and talking about it (she is white) and Shaq was engaged and getting married around the same time, and not one news channel talked about it, she is black, and I don't even know what she looks like, it was never talked about.

They didn't care because their cash cow was OJ. If queen is a black woman than she's a lesbian.

You don't care that I'm with a non-black man. White men may say look at that for a moment in your life but it doesn't change his life.

White women only want the men for they money so they know their place.

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You both had great answers but one of you has got it right.

Maybe he has more confidence now that his money is right. Jack Johnson was the first documented Athlete to run out and get himself a white girl.

One thing for sure a white woman is often their desired trophy piece. smelling just like Lemon Pledge (Uncle Ruckus Voice) These men run and get one before the ink even dries on the contract. In early July of 1912 Jack Johnson heavy weight champion of the world was charged with taking Lucille Cameron, his 3rd white wife, across state lines for “immoral purposes,” a violation of the Mann white slavery act.

He spent seven years on the run in Paris before returning to America in 1920 to turn himself into authorities.

He was sent to prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, where he boxed five times before being released on July 9, 1921. Black Women are not upset with black men for dating white women.

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